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eAchieve Career Pathways Co op

eAchieve Academy's Career Pathways Co-op program guides students as they discover their aptitudes and talents while maintaining employment or a volunteer position. Students will work with
the teacher, parents and employer to develop a training program with realistic opportunities for self-growth. Watch this video or go to to learn more.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Student Council Newsletter - January 2015

Dear eAchieve Students,

Happy New Year and welcome to the latest issue of the eAchieve Student Council Newsletter. Take a quick break from your school efforts to check this issue out…

We hope you find this newsletter light-hearted, enjoyable, and informative.  You will find inside the History of New Year’s Celebrations, fun facts about the first month of the year, an important reminder about Box Tops, our hopes for 2015, and more!


Your Student Council

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, concerns, etc., we want to know! Send us an email at:  (Karen Woelfel, Student Council Advisor)

As first semester comes to a close, and second semester begins, it is a good time to start looking at your activities. Have you thought about joining Student Council? Our group meets for an hour or two twice a month. In our meetings, we discuss ideas and create the monthly newsletter.  We are still developing as a Student Council--representing the whole student body voice.  We are always pondering new ideas to build awareness and spirit within our school and provide more opportunities for eAchieve students.

If you think that this sounds interesting and have ideas to share, we would love you to consider becoming an active part of Student Council.

Please complete and submit the application by January 29th:

We are always looking for more student contributions to the newsletter...

Do you have a story or a poem that you have written or a picture you have drawn or taken that you would like to contribute?
Send it as an attachment in an email to


Box Tops/Soup Labels Reminder
Keep collecting those Box Tops for Education and Soup Labels!

The last submission raised $109.90!

Please cut out and save all the box tops and soup labels you find on those qualifying products that your family purchases.  The money earned allows the school to donate to causes our students are interested in supporting and to make purchases that help the school.  

The next submission is due March 1, 2015.

You can send your Box Tops and soup labels to:
222 Maple Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53186
℅ Karen Woelfel, Student Council Advisor
A great big THANK YOU in advance!

Miah Childers                                                                                                                                     


History of New Year’s Celebration
Year after year, we wait in anticipation for the next new year to begin at midnight. But when exactly did this begin?
The earliest known record of New Year’s Day dates back to 2,000 B.C., in Mesopotamia. It was said that these celebrations took place sometime in the middle of what we now call March. Later, in 153 B.C., the Romans redesigned their calendar to put January in as a month, and thus the New Year’s Day we came to know was born!
In spite of these changes, people continued to use March to mark the new year. It wasn’t until Julius Caesar ruled over Rome that yet another change was made to the calendar, and January 1st officially became New Year’s Day.
During the Middle ages, this calendar was discontinued and changed once again, for the new year to be on December 25th. According to historians, the reason for this change was because of religion. Yet this had only applied to Christians.
January 1st regained it’s title as the official New Year’s Day in 1582. Most countries immediately used the reforged calendar on which January started the year, but for some it took many years, even centuries to accept the change.
Currently, people around the world celebrate New Year’s Day in their own unique way but not all on the same day.  


In 2015, I hope to...

I hope to visit the gym more often, get a job when school is over so I can make money for myself, and find a good college to study at. -Adam Sternig

I hope to continue volunteering, teach more children the wonderful sport of golf, visit college campuses, and prepare for my new, exciting life as an adult. - Talis Shelbourne

I hope to finish this school year with outstanding grades. -Miah Childers

I hope to get my driver’s license, get back into old hobbies, and pass 10th grade with flying colors. -Jacinda Brown

I hope to get my driver’s license, go on amazing trips, and just have fun.-Noah Jorgensen

In 2015, I hope to feel good again inside and out.- Jessie Rowley

I hope to laugh more!  Ms Woelfel

I hope 2015 creates many memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime -Abbie Papka

I hope that 2015 will be the best year ever for everyone! :) -Madison Uebelacker

  January Fun Stuff to Know

  1. National Hobby Month

  1. January 8th - Elvis Presley’s birthday

  1. First Foot Day

  1. National Soup Month

  1. January 12 - Clean Off Your Desk Day

  1. January 15 - Hat Day

  1. January 17 - Benjamin Franklin’s birthday

  1. January 19-23 - No Name Calling Week

  1. January 24 - Compliment Day

  1. January 25, 1924 - First Winter Olympics
"January Fun Facts." Familyeducation. N.p., n.d. Web.
"Fun Facts About January." January Facts - Fun Facts About January | Famous Birthdays. N.p., n.d. Web
05 Jan. 2015.
SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public Domain

Wrap up this semester with a grade report to be proud of, doing your best along the way, taking care to improve on your school habits and showing that you have learned over this whole semester.

From all of us in Student Council:

Bonfire Night Fireworks

Keep up the good work and have a great start to a new year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Students of the Month for November 2014

As our principal, Mr. Nettesheim, reviewed the week 12 progress report data, he discovered two things that indicate that eAchieve Academy students are doing a tremendous job with their studies this semester. First, a record number of students were on pace after the first 12 weeks. In addition, more students were on pace after week 12 than were on pace after week 8. That has never happened before.

Of course with so many students doing great things academically, it makes it even more difficult for teachers to identify students who are doing exceptionally well. The following students stood out from the crowd, however, and for their effort, improvement and/or achievement they have been designated as Students of the Month.

Students of the Month for November 2014

Andrew Banicki, Health/Physical Education
"Andrew is working hard at his fitness logs," says Physical Education teacher Ms. Pease. "He deserves Student of the Month because he went into this activity with uncertainty and has now realized the benefits." Ms. Pease notes that the work this 9th grader from Oconomowoc has done has given him a new outlook on exercise.

Kimberley Helm-Quest, Family Consumer Science
Kimberley is an 11th grader from Merrimac who is in her 3rd year at eAchieve. Family Consumer Science teacher, Ms. Schlitt, nominated Kimberley for Student of the Month because she demonstrates insight and aptitude in the area of child development. "Her assessments reflect commendable effort as she provides detail and advanced understanding in all learning targets," Ms. Schlitt says. It should be noted that Kimberley is on or ahead of pace and turning in advanced work in all 6 of her classes.

Elise Klein, 8th Grade
The middle school teaching team describes Elise as polite and hard working; a dedicated student who consistently reads the feedback from her teachers and uses it to achieve at a high academic level. Elise is in her 3rd year at eAchieve and currently resides in New Berlin.

Sage Leary, Social Studies
Sage is very attentive to detail in his work, and he takes the time needed to produce high quality assignments. According to Social Studies teacher Ms. Visner, "He shows thorough analysis and an advanced understanding of both the World History content and social studies skills." A 10th grader and aspiring musician from Holcombe, Sage is a regular participant in eSessions and does a great job of contributing to class discussions.

Isabella Puchalla, 6th Grade
Like many first year eAchieve students, Isabella struggled at times this semester while she figured out the nuances of going to school online. With help from her teachers, the 6th grader from Kiel has overcome those obstacles. Her teachers describe her as a good student who works hard and submits consistently good quality work.

Samuel Raj, Business Education/Information Technology
"Samuel is doing an excellent job in Digital Imaging this semester," says Ms. Jurisch. "His photo assignments and projects have included a variety of subjects and show great attention to detail in his work. He has used the feedback that he's received on the weekly quizzes and comments I've provided to continue to build his photography and graphic design skills." Samuel is an 11th grader from Green Bay, and is currently keeping up with his studies while visiting relatives and checking out potential colleges in Malaysia.

Mandalyn Schmidt, English
Mandalyn is a virtual school veteran, now in her 5th year at eAchieve. English teacher Ms. Panek reports that, "(Mandalyn) consistently produces advanced level work and participates regularly in eSessions." Experience has taught her that staying on pace is key to being successful, and this 11th grader from Gillett has managed to stay on pace in all of her classes all semester. Well done!

Emma Tauzell, 7th Grade
Emma has shown excellent effort during the past few weeks - particularly in Language Arts and Math. The 7th grade teachers all agree that she is a hard worker, in addition to being polite and respectful. Emma lives in Waukesha, but is spending several months with her aunt in Chile this year. 

Jonathan Taylor, Science
A senior from Westfield, Jonathan has consistently been on pace with his assignments this semester. Science teacher Mr. Young notes that he is at the advanced level in all learning targets. "His responses are always well written with good supporting evidence and he makes insightful and probing comments in the discussion boards," Mr. Young adds. Jonathan has his sights set on studying Computer Science in college next year.

Justin Van Ee, Math
You probably won't be seeing Justin in the Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry eSessions any more this semester. That's because he has already completed the course! Math teacher Ms. Briceno paid Justin a great compliment saying, "His questions force me to think and make me a better teacher for it. All of his questions are thoughtful and show he is a critical thinker." Justin is a senior from Kenosha who is currently evaluating his college options for next year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

eAchieve Academy Student Council Newsletter - November/December 2014

Dear eAchieve Students,

Welcome to the latest issue of the eAchieve Student Council Newsletter. In this issue, you will find the History of Thanksgiving special feature, personal insight from 2 students, an important reminder, and specific to this issue--thoughts from the Student Council members!

Enjoy, and be on the lookout for another edition in 2015!
Your Student Council

And as always, if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, concerns or anything else, we want to know! Send us an email at:  (Karen Woelfel, Student Council Advisor)

Miah Childers, new student to eAchieve                                                                    
My experience at eAchieve these past few weeks has been outstanding! All of the teachers and students are extremely helpful. It took a little getting used to, considering this is my first year doing an online school. I have found that the key to having success here is by doing simply one thing, staying on pace. I simply love the fact you have a lot more freedom in your schedule. When I left face to face school, I thought that I wouldn’t make any friends doing school online, but I have! Overall, I feel that eAchieve is a great place to learn, and have fun while doing it!

Mandalyn Schmidt, started in grade 7

I’ve been at eAchieve for five years now and I’ve loved it!  My very first semester was little difficult, but looking back I don’t regret the change or any of the problems.  This year so far has been great and all of the teachers have been as supportive as ever.  Next year will be my last year at eAchieve (I’ll be graduating) and I hope it will be as great as every year in the past.  I’ve learned that staying on pace is the key.  I’ve gotten behind because of vacations and getting caught back up isn’t fun.  If you keep track of when things are due and work hard, either late nights or weekends, getting caught back up is completely possible.  eAchieve is a great school and a great place to learn.

Box Tops/Soup Labels Reminder 

It's that time of the year again: Box Tops for Education! Please cut out and save all the box tops and soup labels you find on products your family purchases, because they can be very beneficial to our school. They earn money for the school, which allows for some specific donations or purchases for the school to be made! So, until then, please save up! Next submission is March 1, 2015. 
You can send your Box Tops and soup labels to: 222 Maple Avenue Waukesha, WI 53186 ℅ Karen Woelfel, Student Council Advisor
A great big THANK YOU in advance!  

The History of Thanksgiving                          
Miah Childers

Americans celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The Plymouth Pilgrims were the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims were aboard the Mayflower when they landed at Plymouth, in 1620. The Wampanoag Indians taught the Pilgrims how to survive in the “New World”. They celebrated Thanksgiving to give thanks for a great harvest, and surviving the crucial winter. The Pilgrims and the Wampanoags celebrated Thanksgiving for three days. Some foods included in the glorious feast were chicken, rabbit, carrots, eggs, dried fruits, squashes, beans, fish, wild turkey, and much more. Three hundred and ninety three years later, we are still celebrating this holiday of thanks.                             

There are many interesting facts about Thanksgiving, also known as Turkey Day. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving today looks quite different than in the 1620’s. Some of our most popular Thanksgiving treats, were not present at the first Thanksgiving. Some foods that were not there include, pumpkin pie, corn, mashed potatoes, and cranberries. Benjamin Franklin wanted the Turkey to be the U.S.’s national bird. Thanksgiving is celebrated on every fourth Thursday in November. In Canada, they celebrate Thanksgiving on every second Monday in October. The US sells about 280 millions turkeys around Thanksgiving. So, next time you are sitting at the table, getting ready to fill your plate up until it is overflowing, remember to give thanks, there is plenty to be thankful for.

"Thanksgiving Fast Facts." About. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Oct. 2014.
"Thanksgiving Fun Facts." WHSV RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2014

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
Seeing all the Christmas decorations and the listening to the story of baby Jesus and waiting for Santa Claus and presents.Me being the decorater at my house. Baking Christmas cookies has been our family's tradition as long as I can remember.-Noah Jorgensen
I was in the Christmas spirit as soon as it got cold right before Thanksgiving, humming Christmas tunes and annoying everyone I could. “It's the most wonderful time of the year!” The holidays are my favorite time for curling up by the fire with hot chocolate, and watching cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies with my family. -Abbie Papka
I wasn’t in a very “Christmasy” mood until the lights started going up around town.  Seeing all the decorations with lights makes me really happy and puts me in a good mood.  My favorite part of the holiday season is getting to spend time with family, talking and just having fun. -Mandalyn Schmidt
I guess my favorite part of the holiday season is just being able to watch all kinds of Christmas specials with my family. Another great thing is seeing all the creative lights set up when I drive around the neighborhood or in downtown. -Adam Sternig
I love listening to Christmas songs, driving by beautiful Christmas lights, and spending time with family. Not only is it a time of laughter and joy, but it is also a time to remember the birth of baby Jesus. Don’t forget all of the yummy treats that come with the holidays! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! -Miah Childers
My favorite part of the holidays is being apart of a parade with my dad’s side of the family. We get all dressed up and everything. It was cold this year, but we were prepared and excited. Handwarmers and everything, we always have a blast doing it.-Jessica Rowley
My favorite part of the holiday season is — among the beautiful Christmas decorations and familiar tunes — feeling the warmth in my community. On this day, I generally enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, and eating a delicious home-cooked meal. -  Talis Shelbourne

What would you like to remember about 2014?
I would like to remember the time I got my Temps for driving.- Noah Jorgensen
I know I will remember that is was really really cold and we had cold days off of school instead of snow days, but I would rather FORGET that! - Ms Woelfel
I will remember 2014 as a year of heightened awareness of racial tensions, gender inequalities, and mental illnesses, and the year I learned that my voice truly matters.-Abbie Papka

Getting my drivers license, winning 2800 tickets on one machine in the arcade at the Great Wolf Lodge, getting a good score on my ACT and all the great movies that came out. -Adam Sternig

I would like to remember my cruise I went on this summer to the mediterranean.It was the best. The best summer was the last summer before my brother was going off to college so it was awesome to spend that time with him.-Jessica Rowley

I will remember my “best students” to whom I taught golf and hope to see on a golf course one day. I will also remember seeing Texas and wearing a very cool cowboy hat! And of course, I will remember being inducted into eAchieve’s National Honor Society- Talis Shelbourne

I will remember starting my very first year at eAchieve. -Miah Childers

December Fun Facts

  1. The birthstone of December is turquoise.
  1. Zodiac signs for December are Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) and Capricorn (December 22 - January 19).
  1. The birth flower of December is the narcissus.
  1. World's AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1st.
  1. December 3 - International Day of the Disabled Person
  1. On December 3, 1967, the first heart transplant was completed.
  1. National Read a New Book Month
  1. Nobel Prizes are awarded in December.
  1. On December 4, 1791, The Observer newspaper (the first Sunday newspaper) was first published in Britain.

  1. On December 7, 1941, The United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese planes which killed more than 2,300 Americans.
  1. On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first flight
  1. On December 20, 1803, the Louisiana Purchase was completed.
  1. Hanukkah is December 16 - 24

  1. Kwanzaa is celebrated on December 26 - January 1 every year.
  1. December 27th is National Chocolate Day
  1. On December 29, 1862, the bowling bowl was invented.
  1. Poinsettia Day is on December 12th.

  1. Universal Human Rights Month

  1. National Stress Free Family Holiday Month

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"The History Place - This Month in History: December." The History Place - This Month in History: December. The History Place, copyright 2014. Web. 08 Dec. 2014.


From all of us to you:

Keep up the good work and get caught up!
Have a great winter break!