Thursday, April 10, 2014

Students of the Month for March 2014

Spring is in the air (finally). For students who spend their days in traditional classrooms, the sunshine, warmer weather, green plants, etc. can make it difficult to concentrate on school. On the other hand, eAchieve Academy students may choose to attend an eSession from their backyard or relax between classes by going for a walk in the park.  They may even take advantage of a nice spring day by riding their bike to the local public library or cafe and putting in some study time there before heading back home. Being able to enjoy the season is a great way to stay motivated and keep those creative juices flowing.

Speaking of which, it's time to recognize some of our most motivated and creative students whose hard work and academic achievement prompted their teacher(s) to nominate them as one of our March Students of the Month.

Students of the Month for March 2014

Jared Banach, Art/Music
Jared had some technological challenges when he started his Digital Drawing and Painting class, but according to his teacher Ms. Sapa, the 10th grader from Oconomowoc has overcome those struggles and now has shown outstanding effort towards exceeding assignment expectations.

Rachel Benicek, English
"(Rachel's) work is consistently outstanding," says British Literature teacher Ms. Lardinois. "She displays a strong understanding of complex texts and her writing is well composed and sophisticated." Ms. Lardinois also appreciates the way this senior from Verona participates in eSessions.

Katlynn Lorenz, 6th Grade
A 6th grader from Columbus, Wisconsin, Katlynn has impressed the 6th grade teaching team with her hard work, particularly in math and social studies. She has been very proactive in getting the help needed to stay on pace with excellent scores!

Carley Piper, Social Studies
Staying on pace in her classes is particularly important for Carley because she spends her extra time participating in horse shows. Social Studies Teacher Mr. Lehmann says this 8th grader from New London, "...has made a lot of academic progress during the school year and does an excellent job communicating."

Lauren Ponga, 8th Grade
After an admittedly rough first semester, Lauren came to the realization that she needed to make significant changes if she wanted to be a successful online student. The Menomonee Falls resident admitted her first semester mistakes, established a plan for improving and has stuck with it. She has been communicating frequently with her teachers, staying on pace and submitting high quality work. Congrats, Lauren. You were the easy choice for the 8th grade teachers!

Natalia Rudesill, Family Consumer Science
"Natalia demonstrates creativity and talent in fashion/interior design," reports Family Consumer Science Teacher Ms. Schlitt. "She takes great care in submitting detailed assessments." Natalia is in 11th grade and lives in Dodgeville.

Natalie Sadowski, 7th Grade
A 7th grader from Milwaukee, Natalie has consistently stayed on pace this semester and is showing mastery of math topics. According to the 7th grade teaching team, she has done a remarkable job this semester and it shows!! Keep it up!

Elijah Schiek, Math
Elijah has mastered one of the keys to virtual school success; work hard independently, but always ask for help when you don't understand a concept. And when he does ask for help, Math Teacher Ms. Briceno says, "It's a pleasure to work with this student." Eli is from North Fond du Lac and is in 11th grade.

Michael Windward, Health/Physical Education
A 10th grader from West Bend, Michael is in his first year at eAchieve. "Michael consistently attends and contributes to the weekly eSession along with submitting high quality work," according to Nutrition and Wellness Teacher Ms. Pease. "It is a pleasure having him in class."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

eAchieve Academy Students of the Month - February 2014

Each month, we ask our teaching staff to identify their grade level or department's Student of the Month. It would be very easy to look at their grade book and nominate the student who has the highest scores. But this month in particular, teachers were asked to consider some of the other factors that make for successful online students; things like effort, perseverance, improvement, self-advocacy and determination to overcome obstacles. That's not to take anything away from the students who consistently get good grades, but rather to recognize the efforts of some other students who are really putting forth their best effort and making the most of their educational opportunities. As a result, there are some new names on the list this month. Read on the learn more about our February 2014 Students of the Month.

Student of the Month Winners for February 2014

Samuel Barbour, Science

Sam started off a bit behind this semester, but he was able to "right the ship" and is now nearly on pace. "Sam always works hard on his assignments and pays attention to detail," according to Science Teacher Ms. Owen. "I really enjoy grading Sam's work because you never know when you might get a little humor thrown at you." The senior from Kenosha even went the extra mile late last semester to rearrange his work schedule so that he could attend the live eSessions. 

Vivian Brooks, Family Consumer Science

Vivian is a senior from Ashland and is in her third year with eAchieve. She is working hard to pursue her goal of becoming a social worker and is currently working at a nursing home through eAchieve's co-op program. According to her supervisor there, Vivian actively seeks more responsibility, the residents love her and she has been promoted to a position shadowing and working with a social worker and addition to her normal duties. Family Consumer Science Teacher Ms. Schlitt adds that, "(Vivian's) reports are detailed and submitted in a timely fashion. She is a very responsible student!"

Adyn Cramer, 8th Grade

Adyn is on pace or ahead in all six of her classes and especially math! This Oconomowoc resident stands out as a great student, dedicated to all of her subjects and we noticed!

Ives Cupino, World Languages

Ives is a very hard-working and successful Latin One student, according to her teacher, Ms. Cupertino. The sophomore from Oconto Falls faithfully attends eSessions and is respectful of all other students in the class.

Katie Drury, Physical Education/Health

Katie has demonstrated exceptional skills in researching and designing a pamphlet on cyber bullying. Health Teacher Ms. Mueller says the 9th grader from Oneida, "has demonstrated that she can decipher valid sources from invalid sources, apply the information to a real life-situation and design a pamphlet that went above and beyond my expectations." Keep up the great work!

Alena Gage, Math

Alena always strives to do her best. The 9th grader from Green Bay regularly attends and participates in eSessions. "Alena is self-motivated and self-disciplined," says Ms. Blackmon, Alena's math teacher. "She is a very respectful, helpful, and complimentary young lady."

Alayne Marcis, Social Studies

"Alayne's work in AP World History is potentially the strongest of any WHAPer I have ever had at eAchieve," raves Social Studies Teacher Mr. Grunske. "She works diligently to stay on pace and the work that she submits is always so well thought out. She embodies the true spirit of studying history at the college level. She is not looking for a fact, but for an understanding of "how and why" the facts occurred." Alayne is a senior from Stratford and has been an eAchieve student for four years.

Bristol Miner, 7th Grade

A 7th grader from Mukwonago, Bristol is off to a great start in second semester, especially in Math. Her teachers really noticed a greater level of focus this semester. She is doing a great job in all of her classes and staying on pace, way to go!

Derek Owen, 6th Grade

After a strong finish to first semester, Derek has really been impressive second semester. The 6th grader from Manitowoc has shown much growth and maturity in all of his classes, has turned in some excellent work and is doing a pretty good job of staying on pace.

Marion Picard, English

"Marion has done a complete turnaround from the student she was first semester," says English Teacher Ms. Rosno. "I appreciate her effort to stay on pace and the quality work she is submitting." Marion is a senior from Waukesha.

Jenna Reichert, Business Education

Jenna has made a remarkably smooth transition to online learning this year. Business Education Teacher Ms. Hixson says she appreciates the helpful feedback Jenna provides on some of the assignments. The 11th grader from West Bend does an excellent job of staying on pace and consistently turns in works that demonstrates and advanced level of mastery. 

William Ubert, Social Studies

A sophomore from Waukesha, William puts forth consistent effort in World History. He regularly attends class eSessions and does a wonderful job of participating. His teacher, Ms. Visner, says, "I very much enjoy having William in class!"

Monday, March 3, 2014

eAchieve Academy Middle School Academic Achievers

Last month we published the list of high school students whose academic efforts earned them a spot on the first semester honor roll. We also want to recognize the following middle school students who earned mostly As (and maybe one B) on their first semester report card. In addition to a hardy congratulations and a virtual pat on the back, these students received a free movie pass in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement:


Student Name
Home Town
Blischke, Caleb
Kirch, Audrey
LeMone, Autumn
South Range
Taubel, Camille
Crossman, Allison
New Berlin
Garland, Katherine
Gohlke, Mhari
Groff, Amy
Leary, Phoenix
Leitenberger, Jessica
Uebelacher, Madison
Anderson, Kessia
Bingen, Abigail
West Bend
Chappell, Emily
Clark, Hannah
Kubly, Amanda

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

eAchieve Academy Students of the Month - January 2014

As our seemingly interminable winter grinds on, students find themselves in what can be the most difficult stretch of the entire school year; that long period between the start of second semester and spring break. The student who we recognize this month find creative ways to cope with the winter doldrums. They tend to set specific goals and maintain their focus until they accomplish them. Instead of making excuses, they become even more committed to completing their assignments and staying on pace so that when spring break finally arrives, they will be able to enjoy some well-deserved time off.
So with that, please join us in congratulating the eAchieve Academy Students of the Month for January, 2014.

Student of the Month Winners for January 2014


Sarah Bridges, Math
Sarah is putting together another awesome performance in this her 4th year at eAchieve. Geometry teacher, Ms. Briceno, says the 10th grader from Janesville employs a three step approach to earning her good grades: attend eSessions and stay after for extra help, email her teachers when she has questions and read feedback and redo assessments for better grades.

Lindsay Fink, Family/Consumer Science
Another eAchieve veteran, Lindsay has taken several Family/Consumer Science classes and excels in them all! The senior from Waukesha is currently enrolled in the co-op program and is employed at a Waukesha chocolate store where her employer speaks very highly of her. According to her teacher, Ms. Schlitt, "Lindsay is personable, mature, responsible, self motivated, friendly and has outstanding customer relationship skills. I enjoy having her in class!"

Mhari Gohlke, 7th Grade
Mhari is a 7th grader from Neshkoro. Her teachers describe her as a hard worker who consistently provides detailed and thoughtful responses in submitted work, and a student they really enjoy having in class.

Brian Kinczfogel, Physical Education/Health
"Brian works hard in Physical Education," according to his teacher, Ms. Pease. "He has had to overcome some injuries, but has continued to push himself to achieve great results." Brian is a 12th grader from Hustisford.

Alina Schiesser, English
An 11th grader from New London, Alina is in her 2nd year at eAchieve. Her English teacher, Ms. Panek, nominated her this month because she noticed how hard she has been working to improve her writing. Attending eSessions, asking for extra help when needed and communicating with her teachers through email have all contributed to her success.

Ivy St. John, Art/Music
Art teacher Ms. Sapa says, "Ivy shows exceptional skill in using the Digital Drawing program to convey visual ideas." And that's just the tip of the iceberg for this talented senior. Ivy is a straight "A" student and was recently named a National Merit Scholarship finalist!

Michael Stock, Social Studies
Michael is no stranger to the Student of the Month list, having received the honor twice last year and again during first semester of this year. He is a consistent performer in all of his classes. According to Social Studies Teacher Mr. Nowinski, the 9th grader from Mukwonago "is always a helpful student who is incredibly knowledgeable about our history and loves to share his ideas. His assignments are very well done and he shows a level of detail in his writing that is extraordinary."

Camille Taubel, 6th Grade
"Wonderful student!" That's how her teachers describes this 6th grader from Necedah. And the compliments don't stop there. They say Camille always has her work done in a timely manner, pays good attention to its presentation, and asks questions when she is unsure about something. The explains her successful transition to online learning this year and her excellent first semester report card.

Michael Thatcher, Science
Michael struggled at times with the technology part of virtual school during first semester, but instead of giving up he worked hard and turned things around. His science teacher, Mr. Young, says the 11th grader from Greenfield began turning in work on pace and the quality of the work was much better than the first part of the semester. Excellent job Michael!

Dakota Thyrion, Business Education
Dakota is an 8th grader from Green Bay who had to overcome some technical issues and a finicky Internet connection first semester. And even though he was challenged with many of the assignments in Keyboarding class at first, he managed to demonstrate being proficient in all the learning targets by the end of the semester. How did he do it? "Through tenacity and effort," says Business Education Teacher Ms. Hixson.

Justin Widmer, 8th Grade
"Justin worked very hard to get assignments done by the end of the semester and did a great job on the quality of his work!" according to the 8th grade teaching team. The Racine native puts in extra time in math to improve his skills.