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eAchieve Academy Students of the Month - April 2015

Spring is arguably the most difficult time of year to focus on school work. In the fall it's a new school year and students are refreshed from summer vacation. In winter there's not that much else to do anyway. But in spring everyone wants to be outside enjoying the nice weather, participating in outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, working in the yard or working on their tan. After all, we live in Wisconsin and we have to make the most of summer when it's here.

Students who are able to maintain their focus and energy and stay engaged in their school work during this time of year are deserving of special recognition. You don't have to be a straight A student to earn Student of the Month honors, you just have to show your teachers you are consistently putting forth your best effort.

Students of the Month for April 2015

Rachel Atwood, Family Consumer Science

"Rachel shows creativity and an advanced understanding of design concepts," according to Fashion/Interior Design teacher Mrs. Schlitt. Rachel is a senior from Silver Cliff, Wisconsin and has been attending eAchieve for 3 years.

Jacinda Brown, Information Technology

A 10th grader from Milwaukee, Jacinda has excelled in Digital Imaging 2 this semester. Her teacher, Mrs. Jurisch, says, "I look forward to her work each week to see how she's used her creativity to meet the assignment requirements."

Sahara Ladue, World Languages

German teacher, Mrs. Otto, says, "Sahara's work always shows her best effort. She attends eSessions regularly, where she is an active participant." Sahara is a 10th grader from Westby.

Madison Lange, Science

Physical Science Teacher Mr. Young describes this 10th grader from Sussex as responsible and industrious. "Madison regularly attends and contributes to eSessions," Mr. Young says. "He is always on time and submits good quality work."

Phoenix Leary, 8th Grade

An 8th grader from Holcombe, Phoenix is an ambitious student. He challenges himself by taking advanced classes and is ahead of pace and turning in advanced quality work in all of them. " I believe he likes to be challenged and takes pride in how to overcome the challenge," says Middle School Counselor Mrs. Woelfel.

Jonathan Leech, 6th Grade

Jonathan's teachers describe him as a model student who works really hard and takes pride in doing his best. The 6th grader from Somers consistently turns in proficient or advanced work and has managed to stay on pace in all of his classes.

Cydni Nero, Health/Physical Education

"Cyndi has been an excellent student all year," says Physical Education Teacher Mrs. Pease. "It has been nice to see the recent adjustments that she made in her fitness logs to really excel." Cydni is in 7th grade this year and lives in Krakow, Wisconsin.

Phoenix Nettesheim, 7th Grade

Phoenix has impressed his teachers with his dedication to his school work. Mrs. Woelfel says, "Each progress report this semester he worked hard to make sure he was on pace and doing his best--often earning advanced proficiency." Phoenix is a 7th grader from Mukwonago.

Karissa Perik, Art/Music

"Karissa has always gone above and beyond in her art projects, and actively participates in eSessions," says Intro to Digital Arts Teacher Ms. Sapa. The 7th grader from Oconomowoc is on or ahead of pace in all her classes heading into the end of the semester.

Anupama Rajendra, Math

"Some times I forget Anupama is only a 9th grader taking Algebra II," says Math Teacher Mr. Shanklin. "She is a dedicated student who never misses a main lesson and the quality of her work is second to none." Anupama lives in Kenosha.

Sarah Stewart, English

Sarah joined eAchieve mid-year and wasted no time getting up to speed. "I have never seen a student work so hard," says English Teacher Mrs. Rosno. "Sarah tackled two entire semester long classes in less than a month. She jumped right in to online learning and accomplished every challenge she was faced with. The quality of her work was great, too." Sarah is an 11th grader from Big Bend.

Rachel Ulatowski, Social Studies

An 11th grader from Fredonia, Rachel is a avid reader and and eloquent writer. According to AP US History Teacher Mr. Nowinski, she is a joy to have in class. "Her knowledge and ability speak through the great arguments and provocative prose that make up the essays of APUSH," he says.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

eAchieve Academy Student Council Newsletter - March 2015

Great news! We are already a third of the way through the semester.  Have you noticed the time is flying by?

It is the time of the year when many Seniors are pondering where their lives will take them next.  Juniors geared up to take the ACT--an exam that is important for potential college decisions. And all other students focus on staying on top of their school work.  Hang in there!

At our last meeting, we selected Co-Presidents, Secretary, and Newsletter Editor. These leaders will help to make Student Council even better.  We look forward to connecting with the student body to see how what we do represents the interests of the student body.

Thinking about school work...hopefully your recent week 4 progress report has helped you to determine your goals for a successful semester, and has helped you to make catching up or staying on pace a priority.

Your Student Council

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, concerns, etc., we want to know! Send us an email at: 
(Karen Woelfel, Student Council Advisor) 

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

 Hope you’re wearing green because St. Patrick’s day is coming up this month! Every 17th of March is the day most celebrate the passing of the patron saint Patrick with a feast. At this feast, most people typically eat corned beef, boiled carrots, potatoes, cabbage and Shepherd's Pie.
The first St. Patrick’s Day celebrations began in Ireland many years ago, when Patrick was actually alive (yes, he did exist). He was a religious figure in Ireland who was originally from what we know as Great Britain. It wasn’t brought to America until 1737, where the holiday was adjusted to the modern day one we know of. Corned beef wasn’t a main dish, but because a lot of people back then couldn’t afford it, it became tradition. In the beginning this was just a small celebration with a religious service but steadily became popular over the years. Eventually the holiday evolved to the point where there are parades in large cities, and many traditions were adopted as part of this celebration. The Chicago River would actually be dyed green during St. Patrick’s day. Don’t worry, the dye is harmless!
Wilson, Jerry. "St. Patrick's Day History and Traditions." St. Patrick's Day. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Feb. 2015. <>.
"The Origins of St. Patrick's Day." Georgia Public Broadcasting. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2015. <>.

Getting ready for next year, already???


Make sure that you connect with your School Counselor to choose your 2015-16 school year course selections. 

Course selection meetings are happening throughout the state--in person!

My Favorite Part of Spring Is...
My favorite part of Spring is the beautiful weather! - Miah Childers
My favorite part of Spring is looking at the ground and seeing no snow -Sydney Sobon
My favorite part of Spring is the warmer weather and being able to go outside without freezing. - Jacinda Brown
My favorite part of spring is being able to go outside and smell the fresh spring air. -Mandalyn Schmidt
My favorite part of Spring is feeling the heat of the sun on my face, and hearing birds singing!
 - Julia Childers

I like spring because it means the return of sunny days, which are a rarity in the winter. -Abbie Papka

March Fun Facts
1.     March used to be the first month in the early Roman calendar and was called Martius

2.     American Red Cross Month

3.     Fire Prevention Month

4.     Women’s History Month

5.     March 2nd - Texas declares independence from Mexico in 1836

6.     March 3rd - Alexander Bell’s Birthday

7.     March 8th - International Women’s Day

8.     March 14th - Pi Day

9.     March 17th - St. Patrick’s Day

10.  March 22nd - World Water Day

11.   March 24th - Largest oil spill in the US happened in Alaska in 1989

      11.  March 26th - Anniversary of the first daily weather forecast

      12.  March 29th - Palm Sunday for 2015

      13.  March 31st - Eiffel Tower in Paris officially opened in 1889

"March Facts - Fun Facts About March | Famous Birthdays." March Facts - Fun Facts About March | Famous Birthdays. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2015.
"Facts about March - Customs, Sayings and Traditions." Facts about March - Customs, Sayings and Traditions. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2015.

Check out the month of March, it will go fast and spring weather will be here before we know it.  

"March 2015 Calendar Blank." 2015 Printable Calendar. N.p., 02 Feb. 2015. 

Interview with Mrs. Schlitt, eAchieve teacher
 by Hanna Blomberg
Mrs. Schlitt and her husband
at the Palace of Versailles this past August
I have interviewed one of my favorite teachers Mrs. Schlitt. Mrs. Schlitt has worked at eAchieve full time for two years and part time for five years. Mrs. Schlitt also taught at Butler Middle School in Waukesha. In the quest to discover what motivates people to become teachers, I asked Mrs. Schlitt why she decided to teach. She said that she first studied fashion design, but when she got into college she realized that it wasn’t for her. When Mrs. Schlitt’s high school offered her an opportunity to tutor children she took it, and found out that she really enjoyed teaching. She decided to change majors after taking some classes, while she was dating a teacher at the time, who encouraged her to make the switch. She has yet to regret changing her decision. When asked how she likes teaching at a virtual school, Mrs. Schlitt stated that at first, she thought she would miss the face to face teaching, being able to chat and joke around, and connecting with the students. She found that she can still do that online! Mrs. Schlitt teaches classes like Chef Foods, World Wide Cuisine and Fashion/Interior Design.

Some things Mrs. Schlitt would like to see her students do more often are to attend eSessions (where she explains the lessons), ask questions, check grades frequently to correct INCs, and staying on pace.

Mrs. Schlitt lives in Mukwonago, Wisconsin with her husband of 23 years, who is an art
teacher, and their two cats Eddie and Barney. They have a blended family of four children. One of her children, Alex, is a banquet chef at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino and according to Mrs. Schlitt, “He gets his love of cooking from me, but has much more skill and talent.” Her daughter, Danielle, is a FACS (Family and Consumer Science) teacher. Her son, Ryan, works in business and lives in North Carolina. The “free spirit” of the family, Aaron, lives in California (“He gets his love of travel from me! Our other kids took their own paths based on their individual interests and we are happy they are following their own dreams,” says Mrs. Schlitt). Her family likes to travel all over the world. Mrs. Schlitt herself has traveled to almost every state and over 20 different countries. “I love traveling because I get to meet people and I learn about culture, history, and of course...CUISINE!” she says.

Mrs. Schlitt’s favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite, although she admits it’s not very “teacherish.” Mrs. Schlitt enjoys the song “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest. She confesses that she sings it whenever she hears it, which drives her family crazy because of her “terrible voice.” Her favorite book is “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav, and her favorite quote is, "As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life," (Buddha).
In Mrs. Schlitt’s own words, the funniest thing to happen in her life was when, “We were in Huatulco, Mexico and every morning we went to this awesome outside restaurant for breakfast. There was this 3-4 foot iguana that sat by the entrance, the restaurant staff named him ‘Sam.’ They would feed him chunks of watermelon and papaya each morning to attract customers. I avoided "Sam" because I do not like reptiles. One morning there was a wait for a table and as I stood in line “Sam" darted out from behind a bush and bit my big toe. I was scared to death and screamed bloody murder! The staff thought my reaction was funny and pointed to my red/orange toe nail polish. Apparently, "Sam" mistook my toe for a piece of papaya and that's why he bit me! Needless to say...I removed my toe nail polish before next morning's breakfast!”

Student Contributions!


She can awake one’s soul
even those who are deep down in a hole.
Her graceful face and soft touch lets you open up.
Her amber eyes surrounded by a swarm of freckles,
looks up and almost whispers to you.
She’ll take you by the hand and lead you deep
into your creation, all from your imagination.
you finish the last sentence.
She will leave you and disappear into the mist. Leaving you stranded
and bare.
you invite Poetry back.

Spring Is Marching In
March is a child.
wearing a colorful quilted dress,
she envelopes sulky skies.
With her soft cheeks and blue eyes.

March smiles warmly at you.

March is a child. An unpredictable and devious child.
She will hide and leave you waiting.

Until she marches back next time.

Thank you Alena Gage for your contributions!

Box Tops/Soup Labels Reminder
Keep collecting those Box Tops for Education and Soup Labels!

The last submission raised $109.90!

Please cut out and save all the box tops and soup labels you find on those qualifying products that your family purchases.  The money earned allows the school to donate to causes our students are interested in supporting and to make purchases that help the school. 

You can send your Box Tops and soup labels to:
222 Maple Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53186
℅ Karen Woelfel, Student Council Advisor 
A great big THANK YOU in advance!   

 We are always looking for more student contributions to the newsletter...

Do you have a story or a poem that you have written, or a picture you have drawn/taken that you would like to contribute? Send it as an attachment in an email to